A high-speed three.js substrate for visualizing biofidelic data

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Top-Level API

Built-In Layers

Name Description
LineSegmentsLayer Useful for plotting sets of lines
ObjLayer Adds a .obj file to the scene
AxisLayer Adds the cardinal axes to the scene
LightingLayer Adds a light at the origin


Matelsky et al 2017, biorXiv

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          abstract = {As scientific questions grow in scope and datasets grow larger, collaborative research teams and data dissemination have emerged as core research enablers. However, simply visualizing datasets is challenging, especially when sharing information across research groups or to the broader scientific community. We present substrate, a data-visualization platform designed to enable communication and code reuse across diverse research teams. Written in three.js, our platform provides a rigid and simple, yet powerful interface for scientists to rapidly build tools and effective visualizations.},
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